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About Us

About Us

About Us

                                                   Who We Are

Tadesse Desta Business Group(TDBG) has been growing progressively since its establishment as business entity in 2003.Tadesse Desta Import and Export is company is one of the leading Arabica green coffee beans exporters in Ethiopia. We have been exporting both natural and washed Arabica coffee for more than 18 years to Europe, Middle East, Far East, Australia, and North America. We have built reliable experience and gain reputation from our customers for high quality, competitive price and timely delivery.

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The company has its own freight transport service which enhances timely shipment. It is also upgrading its coffee storage in to modern coffee cleaning plant to ensure quality and timely delivery.

It is one of the leading Ethiopian companies  exporting  annually around 400 containers(8000 tons) of Specialty,  Single Origin and Commercial Arabica Green Coffee Beans.

We have our own washing stations  in Oromia Regional State, Western Guji Zone,  Birbirsa Kojewa Woreda, Darsa Edera Kebele. We are also vertically integrated  with selected suppliers in Yirgacheffee(Gedeb & Aricha   ), Guji( Hambela, Uraga & Anferara   ) and Sidama( Benssa  ).

Our  coffee processing facility and warehouse  in Addis Ababa, Kality Sub city is well-designed  and built  equipped with Set of Pinhalense Coffee Cleaning machine and Color Sorter has Satake, 6 feed chutes with full color camera technology.

 The machine has capacity of processing 8-12 tons per hour. All the processing jobs are mechanical and electrical. The warehouses are clean, with enough lighting and ventilation system, which are very ideal for keeping the quality of the coffee.


To be the best customers choice in supplying agricultural , industrial products,transport service and real estates.


to provide best quality and innovative agricultural products,industrial products,services and real estates to local and international customers,enhancing profitability and growth of TDBG,provide development opportunity to employees,bring a positive impact on society and play a leading role in the industrialization of the country.


  • Customer Orientation
  • investing in people
  • integrity
  • driving in market
  • transparency
  • team work and empowerment
  • learning Organzation
  • corporate social responsiblity

Quality Motto

We are committed to supplies quality coffee from its birth place

Strict quality control protocols are applied to every phase of the coffee production process, processing and transportation.

TDBG will always ship the coffee you sampled; we will never blend or substitute. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model, selling practices and on-time delivery. We understand that our customers have their own schedules and commitments to meet, and we’ll give you regular progress reports along the way.


The coffee export business of our company is run by a professional coffee trading team composed of experienced staff in coffee export operation, coffee sourcing, quality, and documentation. Our coffee export manager has more than 6 years of experience in handling the coffee export business. The field purchaser has more than 13 years of experience in the coffee business specializing in purchasing high-quality coffee. Our documentation and shipment follow-up are handled by profound staff that have hands-on experience in accurate documentation and systemized follow-up.

Organization And Management

The coffee business line of the company has well structured organization and management system, where all the activities of procurement, processing and export are focused on delivering good and consistent quality coffee, timely execution of contracts and high level customer service.

                            Facilities, Coffee Processing Plant

Tadesse Desta Business Group has established modern coffee cleaning and storage plant in 3,000 sq meters of land. The plant is equipped with modern coffee processing machines and color sorter.The machine has the capacity of processing 3 tons per hour.

All the processing jobs are mechanical and electronic including final hand picking on conveyor belts. The warehouses are clean, with enough lighting, and ventilation system, which are very ideal for keeping the quality of the coffee.

                      Coffee  Liquoring Laboratory

Our Company  is one of among the few who own modern coffee liquoring laboratory. The laboratory is well equipped by,Coffee Roasting Machines,Coffee Grinding Machines,Sensitive Scales,Moisture Measuring Meter.

Our coffee liquoring laboratory intensively checks the quality of all the arrival and exportable coffee.

  Sales Conditions

Terms of sales :- FOB port of Djibouti.

Payment:- by documentary letter of credit & CAD ,TT.

Packing :- Bulk shipping of 60/50kgs jute bags,Sale currency US dollar,Arbitration ECC or GCA rules to apply

                   Photo Gallery

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