Staff Profile

    Staff Profile

The coffee trading operation of the firm is managed by experienced coffee trader.The coffee liquoring laboratory of the organization is led by renowned chief liquored who has well experience in the field.Documentation and shipment follow- up are an important and integral part of export marketing.  Documents should be performed with utmost care, accuracy, and speed and systematized workflow. Following up the shipment status and providing information to clients is also a crucial task. In this regard, skillful and experienced officers staff our documentation and follow up division.

Tadesse Desta Business Group is one of the leading Ethiopian companies exporting agricultural products and importing Heavy Trucks, Construction Machineries and Steel bars. The company has built reliable experience and gain reputation from the clients through exporting different commodity: Arabica Green Coffee Beans, Cereals, Pulses and Beans, oil seeds, and Spices and the destination of exportable products are Europe, Middle East, Far East, Australia and North America. It has also established an import business to supply IVECO Trucker, Sino Dump Truck, Sino Cargo Trucks, Heavy Construction Machineries, Re Enforcement Bar, Sheet metal, Pinewood Timber, Tools and Construction machines, Industrial machines and Spare parts, Paper and paper products, Raw materials and chemicals for plastic manufacturing and Different Spices (Cloves, Cassia and crow shell) With regard to this, the company established well organized and structured export and import trading business and got reputation from foreign client and loyal customer in the local market.

Moreover, Tadesse Desta Business Group as a member of ECX has been exporting unwashed, washed and specialty coffee to a number of countries. To boost its business in the coffee industry and enter in to the coffee processing industry in order to supply quality Arabica green coffee beans which is sourced from Southern Coffee growing area of the country. The coffee processing plant is to collect a fresh red and dry cherries coffee directly from small farm holders in and around its processing mills.

The trading company has been growing remarkably with in the short period of time and this implies that the company structure and capability of the owner is the main reason for short time success. Having experience in the import and export business and exposure to the market, the company is now planning to enter into the manufacturing industry and initiated projects in different parts of the country. The recent financial performance of the business has healthy cash flow and strong financial position with ETB 1,513,084,636.29 annual sales registered from Export and Import in the year 2014EFY (2021/2022G.C), with USD 15,540,600.72 export Sales annually.

 Coffee Export Business

   Coffee Sourcing

We mainly source traceable coffee from farmers and prepare in our wet & dry coffee stations, and hulling facilities located in center of Coffee farms, and we also purchase in bulk from Vertically Integrated Suppliers.

List and location of our wet & dry processing coffee sites, and hulling facilities

  1. Birbirsa wet and dry coffee site-Birbirsa Kajjawa Woreda, West Guji Zone, Oromiya
  2. Banqo Chelchele wet and dry coffee processing site-Gedeb Woreda, Gedio Zone, SNNPR
  3. Dimtu Hambala dry coffee processing and hulling site- Hambala Wamana Woreda,West Guji Zone, Oromiya
  4. Banti nenka dry coffee processing site- Hambala Wamana Woreda,West Guji Zone, Oromiya
  5. Buku sayisa dry coffee processing site- Hambala Wamana Woreda,West Guji Zone, Oromiya
  6. Foge dry coffee processing site and hulling site-Abaya Woreda, West Guji Zone, Oromiya

  Coffee Processing and Warehouse Plant

Tadesse Desta Business Group has also its own Export Coffee Processing Plant in Addis Ababa with set of Pinhalense machines to receive, pre-clean, destone, hull and polish parchment, size grade gravity separate, feed color sorters and SATAKE -REZS 2500 BI/AIS Full Color Optical Sorter.

  • Our Professional Coffee Trading Team

The coffee export business of our company is run by Professional Coffee Trading Team composed of Export Trading Manager, Coffee Quality Manager, Coffee Processing and Warehousing Manager, and Coffee Sourcing Manager.

Our Coffee Export Trading and Coffee Quality Managers have more than 12 year’s experiences in handling coffee export business. The Coffee Sourcing Manger has exposure to wet and dry coffee preparation and managers strong team on the field to source coffee from the origin including our own site in Gedeb Chelchele, Dimtu, Bukusaysa, Benti-nenka, Fogie -Abaya Gelan, Birbirsa kajawa and others locations

  Our Coffee Export Products

Specialty Coffee

We work on the entire supply chain to source and prepare highest grade coffees available. We work in harmony and maintain a keen focus on standards and excellence from start to finish. Our specialty coffee is highest grade of coffee available, typically relating to the entire supply chain, using single origin or single estate coffee.

 Washed Coffee Specialty

  • Yirgacheffee- Gedeb
  • Yirgacheffee- Chelbesa
  • Yirgacheffee- Konga
  • Guji- Uraga
  • Guji- Hambella
  • Guji-Shakiso
  • Guji- Kercha
  • Sidama-Bensa
  • Sidama-Nensebo
  • Sidama-Chire
  • Sidama-Wenso
  • Sidama-Adele
  • Keffa-G2
  • Lumu-G2
  • Benchimaji-G2
  • Andercha

   Unwashed Coffee Specialty

  • Yirgacheffee- Gedeb
  • Yirgacheffee- Chelbesa
  • Yirgacheffee- Konga
  • Guji- Uraga
  • Guji- Hambella
  • Guji-Shakiso
  • Guji- Kercha
  • Sidama-Bensa
  • Sidama-Nensebo

Conventional Coffee

Conventional coffee refers to coffee that is produced using traditional agricultural methods, which typically involve the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. This is in contrast to organic coffee, which is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. Conventional coffee production methods often prioritize high yields and efficiency, aiming to maximize the quantity of coffee beans produced. To achieve this, conventional coffee farmers may rely on chemical inputs to control pests, weeds, and diseases that can threaten the coffee crop. They may also use synthetic fertilizers to enhance plant growth and increase yields

   Washed Coffee

  • Yirgacheffee Grade 1&2
  • Guji Grade1&2
  • Sidamo Grade 1 & 2
  • Limmu Grade1 &2
  • Tepi Grade 2
  • Limmu Grade 2
  • Tepi Grade 2


  • Lekempti Grade 3, 4 & 5
  • Djimmah Grade 3, 4 & 5
  • Gimbi Grade 4 & 5
  • Harrar Grade 4 & 5
  • Limmu Grade 3
  • Yirgacheffee Grade 1,2, & 3
  • Sidamo Grade 3 & 4


To be the best customer’s choice in supplying Agricultural and Industrial products, transport service and real Estate.


To provide best quality and innovative agricultural products, Industrial products, services and real estate to local and international customers, enhancing profitability and growth of TDBG, provide development opportunity to employees, bring a positive impact on society and play a leading role in the industrialization of the country


  • Customer orientation: Our primary responsibility is to satisfy our customers; forward impeccable services and quality products at competitive prices with professional competence and integrity.
  • Investing in people: We would be investing in our people in professional development, motivating talent, creating diversity in a team, appreciating efforts and rewarding results.
  • Integrity: The employees and management of the company should have the highest form of ethical standard being legally responsible in all of its business dealings.
  • Driving the market: Through continuous improvement, creating products with unique selling points and approaches in marketing our products and service through entertaining promotions.
  • Transparency: We promote open, honest, and straightforward communication about our company operations.
  • Team work and empowerment: We uphold the value of working together to maximize efficiency and reach a common goal. through empowered management and workforce with a high sense of ownership
  • Learning organization: We are open to accept new ideas since we believe in that there is always better way of doing things. We value most opinion of our customers since they are critical to our success.
  • Corporate social responsibility: We contribute towards social and economic development of the society.

 Management Profile (2023)-Relevant to Coffee Business

S/No. Name Position Qualification Experience
1 Mr. Tadesse Desta Owner, and Manager Director Grade 10 complete plus short Management and language trainings >20 years in Managing his own business
2 Mr. Gebreegziabher Aregawi CEO BA in Accounting, ACCA then FCCA, UK) and MSM- Masters in Science Management Boston University >18years in private sector business development and management
3 Mr. G/meskel Hailu Export Trading Manager B.A Degree in Business Management, >8 years in Coffee sourcing and supply chain management
4 Mrs. Hiwot Minas Coffee Quality Manager MSc in Agri-business and Supply Chain Management Certified Q Grader for Green Coffee >12 Years as Coffee Quality Inspector and Manager
5 W/ro Kidan G/Selassie Coffee Production and Warehouse Manager B.A in Agro-economics >12 years in Coffee warehousing and Production


We are Proud Member of:

  • African Fine Coffee Association
  • Ethiopian Commodity Exchange
  • Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association
  • Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations
  • Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association
Tadesse Desta

Founder and MD

Gebreegziabher Aregawi


Habte Hadush

Deputy CEO

Gebremeskel Hailu

Export Manager

Hiwot Minas

Coffee Quality Manager(Q.Grader)

Kidan Gebreslassie

Coffee Production and Warehouse Manager

Negassi Gebreegziabher

Coffee Sourcing Team Leader

Brhane G/medhn

IT EXpert

Hibisti Turuneh

Export Operation and Documentation Team Leader