Top Coffee Exporter Companies in Ethiopia

Top Coffee  Exporter Companies in Ethiopia

Tadesse Desta Business Group(TDBG) is one of the  Top Coffee Exporter companies in Ethiopia exporting  annually around 400 containers(8000 tons). Then  We have  Specialty, Single Origin and Commercial Arabica Green Coffee Beans. It has been growing progressively since its establishment as business entity in 2003.

We have our own washing stations  in Oromia Regional State, Western Guji Zone,Birbirsa Kojewa Woreda and  Darsa Edera Kebele. We are also vertically integrated  with selected suppliers in Yirgacheffee(Gedeb & Aricha), Guji( Hambela,Uraga & Anferara) and Sidama( Benssa).

TDBG  in anaerobic fermentation for specialty coffee of Ethiopia Coffee Exporters. Recently, TDBG will offer coffees certified for sustainability and traceability such as UTZ certified, Rainforest Alliance and organically grown Coffee.

Our source specialty and single origin  coffee  from partnered farmers(out growers) nearby to  our washing stations and  through vertical integration, and also  we buy coffee from  ECX.

Our Company  designed supply chain integration with small scale coffee farmers in to our business as out- growers.

  •  To increase our specialty coffee supply capacity.
  •  Pay a premium price to the small holder farmer
  •   Include  the small holder into our sustainable coffee programs

TDBG has eco friendly washing stations in Oromia  zone and  West Guji  Birbirsa kojowa area. The facility help us to keep the standard and quality of our specialty coffee.Our washing stations are the following.

Mission is  work hard to supplies quality coffee from its birth place.

Strict quality control protocols are applied to every phase of the coffee production process, processing and transportation.

TDBG will always ship the coffee you sampled. so we will never blend or substitute. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model, selling practices and on-time delivery. Then We understand that our customers have their own schedules and commitments to meet.